Interactive image, on the web and as installation, 1999

Samuel Bianchini

Programming: Emmanuel Méhois (web)
and Oussama Mubarak (installation)
upgraded in 4K (UHD - Responsive) in 2021 by Oussama Mubarak
with the support of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe

Permission to use scene from the film Warshots, courtesy of Heiner Stadler
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To download this image in HD (Tiff), click here

To download this image in HD (Tiff), click here

Sniper, Samuel Bianchini, 1999
Maintenance, solo show, École européenne supérieure de l'image, Poitiers, France, May 2010.
Photographs: © Samuel Bianchini - ADAGP



Sniper brings us face to face with a scene, a mere few seconds long, of a woman falling as she is shot by a sniper. The scene is taken from Heiner Stadler’s film Warshots, which this work echoes. In Sniper, each frame is cut up into twenty-five parts, and whenever the viewer rolls over the frame with the cursor (using the mouse or touch screen), the corresponding part of the subsequent frame is revealed. The screen, composed from the fragments of different images, arranges on the same plane the different instants of the fall. This ‘depth of time’ becomes the object of the ‘viewer’s manipulation’. The viewer, having replaced the sniper, feels gradually responsible for the situation and realizes to the full extent the consequences of his actions.



To download this image in HD (Tiff), click here


To download the image series in HD (Tiff), click here

Sniper, Samuel Bianchini,1999
Palais de Tokyo - Site de création contemporaine, Paris, November 2004.
Photographs: © Samuel Bianchini - ADAGP